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How it Works

What is Global Lay Trading?

When you place a lay trade all you need is your selection not to win, it's that simple you actually make money when the horse you select does not come first. For example: let's say you were trading on an event with 20 runners, there is only 1 winner and 19 losers therefore if you were backing winners you would have 19 competitors that could diminish your chances of a successful outcome. 


Lay trade is basically the reverse; you want 1 horse to lose therefore you now have 19 of the 20 runners on your side with only 1 competitor.

How Do I Start?

Once you have purchased our global lay trading software the next step is to open up a betting exchange account and begin trading, it's that easy! Contact our Customer Services team and we can show you what to do as full training is provided.


 Have More Questions?

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Lay Trading - how is it done?

Lay Trading allows clients to experience a completely unique way of trading with horse racing. Instead of backing one horse in a field of ten, you can take a position on one selection and all other selections can be profitable.

There are some basic strategies that incorporate Lay Trading that are commonly known amongst punters.



Other Types of Lay Trading

  • Laying the field
  • Laying short priced favourites
  • Back to Lay or lay to back betting
  • Cold trading